santiago's zen calligraphy

I am here to organize. I am here to be political. I am here to be
a citizen in a pluralist democracy...when you don't act, you act.
When you don't vote, you vote...that's what happens when you despair,
you open the door to evil...evil is happy refusing funds to American
clinics overseas that counsel abortion, and evil is happy drilling for
oil in Alaska; evil is happy pinching pennies while 40 million people
worldwide suffer and perish from AIDS; and evil will sit there, carefully
chewing pretzels and fondly flipping through the scrapbook reminiscing about
the 152 people he executed when he was governor, while his wife reads
Dostoyevsky in the corner. Evil has a brother in Florida and a whole bunch
of relatives; evil settles in, and it's the devil of a time getting him to
vacate. Look at the White House. Look at France, look at Italy, Austria, the
Netherlands. Look at Israel. See what despair and inaction on the part of
citizens produces. Act! Organize. It's boring but do it. The world ends if
you don't.
-Playwright Tony Kushner, graduation speech at Vassar College
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