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"We recently returned from a charrette in Havana. The initial intention was to vaccinate the city against automobile-based development before it arrived. It turned out to be much more comprehensive than that. Among the things we did was to elaborate the following charter."
--Andres Duany

  1. The right to socially integrated housing.
  2. The right to public and semi-public transportation. This includes buses supplemented by a fleet of taxis.
  3. The right to the fulfillment of ordinary needs within a pedestrian shed. These needs include the food store, child care, primary school and a park.
  4. The right to drinking water and a functioning sewer system.
  5. The right of access to the sea.

    Malecon, Cuba

  6. The right to the social use (public access) of the best buildings.
  7. The right to the predictable evolution of the city.
  8. The right to the preservation of cultural assets.
  9. The right to buildings with natural ventilation.
  10. The right to pedestrian-friendly streets.
  11. The right to a city both clean and safe.
  12. The right to a city shaded by trees and illuminated by night.
  13. The right to night life.
  14. The right to streets as an aesthetic experience.
  15. The right to regulations that are intelligible, and the right to having them explained.
  16. The right to participate in the municipal decision-making process at the neighborhood level.
  17. The right to private projects that yield public benefit.

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