Favorite Websites For September 1997

My favorite sites. No particular order. This page will change every month. I'm fickle that way.

  1. A Bettie Page; Hyperlist of Sites
    Talk about your labors of love. This is one serious collection of links. But Bettie (not Betty; she prefers the former) inspires that in people. One of these days I'll do a puff piece about Bettie, but it's a complex issue. People either get Bettie, or they don't. Hard to explain. I 'll have to sharpen my postmodern discourse skills first. If you don't appreciate Bettie, post here. In the meantime, enjoy the list.

  2. Understanding IP Addressing
    Look, we're going to go over this again and again until you get it right! This is really a good primer to understand IP addressing, or just look like you do. Amuse your friends, frighten small children and find love with phrases like "Classless Interdomain Routing."

  3. RiotGrrl
    If the women of Faster, Pussycat, Kill!, Kill! had written an e-zine, this would be it. These chicks are tough. Even with that crazy sherbert colored background on their page.

  4. Sanrio.
    Pekkle. Badtz Maru. Hello Kitty. If these words mean anything to you, or you're any girl under 12 years of age, go here.

  5. disinformation
    These guys read alt.conspiracy, weed out the spam, index and post the best crackpot theories for your reading pleasure. Check it out before conspiracy theories become excessively hip. This won't be on the list next month.

  6. Fashion Internet
    OK, I admit it. I'm a fashion hound. I love supermodels and phony baloney LA people. It's a sickness, I know. Help me.

  7. Shadow Warrior
    I don't have much time to play this game, but it's a Doom like interface with Ninjas, shuriken, and wacky jokes. It's a great way to waste your life.

  8. Internet Crime Archives
    Not for the squeamish. All the scariest people in history, conveniently organized. How come most of them are American?

  9. Andy Kaufman Home Page
    Omigod. He's responsible for some of the most surreal moments ever on network TV. Don't forget his movie I'm From Hollywood, which chronicle's Andy's foray into the world of professional wrestling. Wrestling women, that is.

  10. Shaft Sounds*
    That Shaft's a bad...Ah, Shaft, that no nonsense private dick. Sounds from the first Shaft. No word yet on samples from Shaft in Africa, or Shaft's Big Score. New Bonus track: Bart and Lisa Simpson sing the theme from "Shaft" in a karaoke bar.
    Stay loose, baby. I'm sure it's a ploy from The Man. Tell my homeboy Hugh that he's one shrewd cat for setting this up. Right on!

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