Think Shaft.
What's on Shaft's Powerbook?
  • Letter to the Ben Buford and the revolutionary types, reminding them they don't run worth a damn no more.
  • Bumpy Jonas' home address.
  • Sound file explaining who's the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about.
  • Spreadsheet-"I get fifty bucks an hour... plus expenses!"
  • Draft of e-mail to Vic Androzzi about being a wise caucasian.
  • Bookmark to, home of "The King of Pimps and Hustlers." But don't ever forget who saved Bumpy's daughter. See for the word from Bumpy himself.

Shaft Link-O-Rama
The original gangsta, Hugh McNally got me started on my Shaft fixation with his seminal work, Shaft Sounds. Last I heard, he was running guns in Mexico.

A new pimp (to me anyway) on the scene is Todd Gerard, a man who likes Shaft more than anyone on earth, it's safe to say. His Set and Interior Photographs from Shaft, 1971 site has music and even a Real Video clip from the movie.

The Internet Movie Database Entry for Shaft

Don Francis Pizarro, the madcap 5'6" Filipino (his bio told me so) is one of the original players with his Shaft tribute site.

TV Guide Review of the movie that started it all.

The Afrosquad, in all its honky goodness, is on a mission to "re-proliferate" Shaft. The site also mentions the upcoming remake which may or may not happen.

Shaft's Crib has that famous picture of Shaft throwing the bird to The Man.

Bring in da noise, bring in Da Funkmaster J aka Jordan Rich, who has volumes of Blaxploitation goodness at his site.

With the renewed interest in Shaft due to the movie, this site is getting more traffic that ever. Some new pimps, players and private eyes are on the scene. Jason T's site has MP3s and such. Pretty fly for an Aussie.

Special props to Jona Decker, who did the graphics for this page, ever so slightly altering the Apple logo so that hopefully I won't have my legs broken by Steve Jobs' lawyers. She did it without even knowing who Shaft is. She kept calling him "Shank."

Dig it.

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